Monday, August 31, 2009

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Healthy Lunches and Snacks - No Refrigeration, No Microwaving
Posted: 30 Aug 2009 08:25 PM PDT

Healthy, ready-to-eat lunches that involve no refrigeration or microwaving. Where can you possibly find those? They sound like a lifesaver for a Busy Mom- and they are. These meals are perfect for: emergency kits, picnic lunches, school field trip lunches, quick meals, camping, road and plane trips and more! Also, a great alternative to selling magazines or popcorn, GoPicnic has a fundraising program where your group can earn up to a 33% margin.
In addition to my “mommy duties,” I am also a full time student. I go to classes Tuesday-Friday, 12-4 and it always seems I am scurrying to get Colton ready and out the door for daycare and don’t have time for lunch. Then by late afternoon I am starving and give in to the drive-thru (Unhealthy for me and my budget)! I love that I can just stick a GoPicnic meal in my bag in the morning and know I will be able to have lunch that involves no preparation, no microwaving and no greasy drive-thru.
What is a GoPicnic meal? A GoPicnic meal is a ready to eat meal that meets school nutrition standards, includes interesting and healthy single serving sizes for all ages.
I have Diet Restrictions, is there anything for me? Yes! GoPicnic currently has Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Kosher and Halal meals.
There are so many GoPicnic meals, I can’t just pick one favorite, but I do have a few favorite products. The Mrs. May’s crunches, Enjoy Life cookies, and Wild Garden hummus are to die for! One thing I would like to see at GoPicnic is a “create your own meal,” online option. I would definitely create my own meal with my favorite products and buy in bulk. I would also like to see GoPicnic meals in stores. I think the option of ordering online and purchasing in stores would be useful for Busy Mom’s.
I actually just went to and ordered more meals. I ordered the “MightyMunch Sampler,” and the “Family Gluten-Free Variety Pack.” So as you can see- I love GoPicnic!

THREE Busy Mom reader’s will each win their choice of SIX GoPicnic meals!
How to Enter: Go to and pick out what meal you think you would like the best. Come back here and let us know in a comment.
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