Monday, August 31, 2009

soooo, why is it that these "sweepstakes" where u post blog comments on

i have entered for years but never won anything. i think people must pick their friends or how unlucky can 1 person be? i think they do it to spam you or they keep the product themselves. bc literally some of these sweepstakes that ended a few days ago, only had 60 entries some less some a few more. im osrry but thats pretty good odds. so if i entered 136 sweepstakes that had less than 100 entries. seems like i owuld have won SOMETHING right? its just ridiculous. ill let you know if i EVER win anything. but i could enter every sweepstakes offered in the world w US prizes right now, and i can guarantee i owuldnt win a damn thing. no scratch that- i did win a mycokerewards 15$ best buy GC-
so i did win something but its so aggravtaing to put so much time into something and not get anything to show for it.




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