Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome Im new.

I still have 2 get a feel for this thing. I'm so used to myspace's blog. which i actually do love.but since a lot of ppl i know don't want or have a myspace - and this is a great way to connect with other ppl., i fig i would give it a try. ill try to be adult and not so PERVbyrded- but that is what makes me me.:Di need to fig out how to configure and gather me up some reader. which i have a lot of stuff (see? I'm doing good already i wanted to say *H*t ... HA! ) on my plate in the coming weeks. what with spring cleaning, or summer or fall or whatever season we are currently in, and organizing to get ready for my move at the end of the year. Ive got my gay friend who is currently going thru hard times, living on my couch, my sister is coming this wknd. i haven't even brushed my hair today, most days in fact. but why would i if I'm not going anywhere. I guess i should BC i just had an unexpected visitor drop in, and he saw me looking all shabby. Which was, rather embarrassing. Bug man, had to spray for spiders. God knows the spiders around here are atrocious. But what was i saying? i ramble a lot as you'll notice, which is why blogging is perfect for me. I Mostly use my myspace blog to share things and links and sites and songs and lyrics and videos that are meaningful to me that i dont want to clutter my myspace up with. cant figure out if facebook has a blog, or how to use it. or why you can only share things that are a few sentences. rather annoying. but anywaybasically hope this isn't one of those unfinished and abandoned things that i am so notorious for.hopefully ill rem to come back here and customize, if you can do that- which I'm pretty DARN (see how good i m doing?) sure i can do, but might have to get Canonda to come over and school the whiz on.I'm so cool right?OK ~xo~BYRD

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